How we help

Our help is always directed to specific children and juniors We tend to secure the material needs of patients that are not in their options in the most economically efficient way. At the same time these needs are not or only partly paid by the health insurance. We provide financial assistance with refunding intangible needs of our little stars for which they do not have the sufficient resources.

Material needs provided by EF

- support therapeutic recourses (immunity, body strengthening, vitamins etc.) and medicaments not paid by the health insurance
- learning tools necessary for diseased children which are essential for lessons and are not commonly used (PC, laptop, etc.)
- diapers, pads, masks, respirators, disinfection and cleaning products, humidifiers, air cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, inhalers
- wheelchairs for immobile patients in the form of direct collections
- medical or rehabilitative AIDS (adjusted or standard)-in the form of direct collections
- barrier-free approaches-in the form of direct collections

Intangible needs provided by EF

- reimbursement of verifiable costs for transport which cannot be executed by the ambulance or are not endowed by grants available in the Czech Republic
- costs associated with assistance services
- teaching software
- rehabilitation stays which are not funded by any other way-in the form of direct collections
- arrangement of the leisure stays by the sea-in the form of donations provided by travel agencies or funded by insurance companies
-climatotherapy-in the form of direct collections
-translation of the medical documentation for treatment abroad
-negotiations on the payments with the insurance companies

We provide direct financial help only for the clearly verifiable costs which are associated with the treatment of the child (or a need designated directly for the diseased child) and only if the family is in the state a social distress.

Financial means provided by EF

- financial help from donators
- direct collections on the specified account
- gain from the fundraising and culture events
- gain from the sport events organized by our partners
- auctions of pictures and artworks from our partners
- partial gain from the sales of the products provided with our logo and supplied from the contracted manufacturers
- gain from the plastic caps collections
- promotional items sale

account's number: 26 00 55 96 16/2010