How to help


The benefits for company donors are: creating decent name for its employees, customers, partners and the public. The company helps to create better conditions for life in the specific regions. It could become an example for other donors and acceptors. We cannot forget to mention BENEFITSfor companies, provided by EF The Lucky star.

Legal entities, who will support the cause, can apply this tax advantage
They can substract from basic tax (based on § 34 code about income taxes) the amount of donation when the value of donation reaches at least 2 000,- Kč. In total the maximum amount is 10% from already decreased basic tax. People whose jobs do not include business (as the main purpose of their work) can’t apply this discount. (§ 20 paragraph 8 and § 34. act number 586/1992)


Based on the donation agreement you through Endowment fund The Lucky star (furthermore EF) support particular needs of sick children. You can donate any amount. Even specific gift will be appreciated. The purpose of your gift can be specified in the donation agreement. Every contribution is meaningful. Donor will acquire donation agreement which can be used for taxes.

Support through Events

Financial support of EF events directly goes to the definite projects. On top of that, The Lucky star offers you special benefits.

Realization of Events

Arranging cultural or sport events, where portion of money will go to EF. Auction can be part of it and the money will go to our stars as well. Thanks to EF you can get in touch with several artists. Besides, in case of regional events, the donation stays where the donator decides.

Logo on EF products

Based on your consideration. After an agreement, you can place our logo on your product with the text that shows support of our children. You can also donate few percent of your profit to EF. Pros for you: it will increase your visibility on the market and you will also get our benefits.


Common people, who will support our cause, can apply this tax advantage.
They can substract from basic tax the amount of donation (used for public beneficial causes) when the value of donation per year extends 2% of basic tax or reaches at least 1 000,- Kč. In total the maximum amount is 15% from basic tax. (§ 15 paragraph 1. act number 586/1992)

Personal support

Every person can contribute as much as he/she can. In this case, use the account of EF or the collection account for particular child and his/her needs. It’s not about the quality, but it is about the quantity. Every crown counts. And even the smallest donation will find its acceptor. Thank you for helping with us.

Support of the sale

You can buy our promotional items on beneficial events organized by Endowment fund The Lucky star. You can also order them on this email:
After sending your financial support on EF account, you will get your items as soon as possible based on the tariff of the Czech post service. When you buy our product, you help to cure our little stars.

Collection of caps

With collecting plastic caps you will also support our little stars. Besides, you also help our environment. Help with us, thank you.

account's number: 26 00 55 96 16/2010